Collette Deselles-Brock

 Collette Desselles-Brock is the founder and director of Lean on Me, Inc. a non-profit organization servicing homeless women in the Greater Baton Rouge Area. Lean on Me was a vision that came to Collette in the summer of 1985. Her desire to see women’s' lives transformed pushed her to launch the organization in 2007. This was a vision to help women who were single mothers, victims of domestic violence, homelessness, and/or substance abuse users. Being a single parent, Collette has experienced the plagues of homelessness and domestic violence. She is a proud mother of three children; Reginald, Markeshia (Tommy) and Deon. She is the grandmother of three. She is thankful for her mom, Marion P. Desselles for being her greatest inspiration and the support she receives from family and friends. 


University of Phoenix- Bachelor of Business Management (2012)


Reading, going to church, serving others